Friday, May 17, 2013

Mario's Replacement in New Super Luigi U

Some exciting new releases from Nintendo today as they try to come out with new content for their Wii! Nintendo has announced that New Super Luigi U, the extensive DLC spin-off from New Super Mario Bros. U, will be available digitally from June 20.

Additionally, the game will be getting a boxed retail release on July 26 in Europe and August 28 in North America. If you opt for the digital version, you'll need to own New Super Mario Bros. U, If you don't own the other you should grab the disk!
Since Mario won't be appearing in the DLC in any form, a new thief-like character has been added to round out the team also comprised of blue and yellow Toads and Luigi.

The new character, Nabbit, plays a little differently to the others. Whilst he won't be able to get power-ups, he also won't be able to be hurt by damage, so presumably functions as an entry level character for younger players or those unfamiliar with the game.

For those unaware, New Super Luigi U is based on New Super Mario Bros. U but changes the courses completely for the game and places the emphasis firmly on playing through as Luigi. Enjoy this will be funny to see where it goes! Remember to visit GameNTrade for all your gaming needs! We have old retro gaming consoles also!

-Chris Taylor
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