Thursday, February 28, 2013

Iron Man III poster leaked!

Earlier today, an image of what appeared to be a final Iron Man 3 poster being displayed outside a movie theater was posted to a tumblr blog. The leak seems to have caught Marvel and Disney off guard, because an official link to the theatrical poster for Iron Man 3 has now been posted to the Iron Man Facebook page. The poster itself has been posted at Yahoo Movies.

The poster shows Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey, Jr.) in his new gold-and-red Iron Man armor, which appears to be burned off in places. Behind him can be seen other Iron Man suits, implying that Stark and Rhodey (played by Don Cheadle) will not be the only characters using such armor. Other teaser posters and images for Iron Man 3 have been posted to the Iron Man Facebook page throughout February, including poster’s for Guy Pearce’s Aldrich Killian, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts, and Ben Kingsley’s villain, the Mandarin.

The movie is scheduled to be released internationally on April 25, and on May 3 in the U.S. Instead of being directed by Jon Favreau, who directed the first two Iron Man movies, Iron Man 3will be directed by Shane Black, known for directing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

Below is the poster it looks great! Enjoy!


Assassin's Creed IV "Black Flag" Announced!

Assassin's Creed IV

Ubisoft Announced Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag on Monday March 4 at 6pm CET. Stay tuned for more. This will be an epic title can't wait to see more of this! You seen it first from We strive to bring you the most up to date news and information!No word on yet what platforms it will be available for. We are hoping the PS4 will bring this new game to life!


GameNTrade Ltd.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Infamous PS4 gameplay video- Be the first to see it!

Watchdogs-PS4 video gameplay- New video

Deep Down PS4 gameplay video! Awesome new game first seen here!

PS4 quantic dream video! Never before seen graphics!

Charity Event for Curt Griffin!

Welcome to the campaign for my brother Curt Griffin, he is a strong person with so much passion for life.  I should mention that Curt is my brother-in-law, but he is family not an in-law.  My name is Patricia Griffin, I joined the family some 18 years ago and I immediately gained a second family.  Curt has been like a real brother to me, helping me and my family in every way possible.  I have never been able to repay his generosity and now I find myself having to sit back and watch as he struggles to make ends meet.  I couldn’t do it……I have to do something, so here I am begging and pleading for your HELP!
Curt has just finished an 8 week round of chemo and radiation treatment, it hit him hard this time.  He is only just now able to keep solid food down and is still fighting serious fatigue and a coughing fit every time he talks.  This is his second fight with cancer, the first just two years ago.  This time it is lung cancer, a mass on a bronchial tube.  It could not be removed surgically, so once again he had to do chemo and radiation.  His lung has begun to re-inflate on its own and things seem to be feel nicely.  However my biggest fear is that the stress of all the medical bills and of being so deep in debt will have him relapsing.  He is a very strong, but very stubborn person.  It is absolutely killing his pride to have to ask for help, but I am glad he is finally letting me do something.  Sitting back and having to watch and hear the crap he is going through and not being able to do a thing about it almost made me crazy.
For me as much as I want to help this is the hardest part, with the economy as it is I don’t want to take something that another is in need of.  Like asking a local small business for a donation, I feel horrible that is something they can sell for profit to pay bills and put food on their tables.  However I have to ask for your HELP I need to show my brother, that random acts of kindness still exist in this world.  Show him that there are people out there willing to help out another in a desperate situation.  I need support for him and his family in every way; I need to know that I somehow made a difference.
I set a goal of $2,500; any help at this point will be truly a gift from above.  I need to see him smile; I need him to know that things will get better.  So please any help you can provide would be amazing.
I have also set up a benefit to be held on March 10th from 11 to 6 @ 126 Gnau Ave SW Unit A in Massillon Ohio 44646, if you cannot make a monetary contribution, please do whatever you can to pass along this information and spread the word.
*ALL FUNDS will go to Curt and his family.
Please think your hearts and make this a special event for family friend who would do it for you. Time is never on anyone's side so really this is now or never people.
Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and for your assistance in spreading this information around.
 I LOVE MY BROTHER with all my heart – Please if you have the ability HELP ME, help him!!
Patricia Griffin
Online Donations Accepted here:
Please share the event and RSVP on

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PS4 Hardware specs revealed in this video! 8GB! Super fast

PS4 Press release video! See the playstation 4 in action!

PS4 Announced come see it here.

Playstation 4 Announced!
PlayStation fans, your wait is finally over. Sony officially announced the PlayStation 4 at a press event Wednesday, the next generation of its popular console.
Nine years in the making, the PlayStation 3, the current PlayStation in the market was released 7 years ago in November of 2006.
"The living room is no longer the center of the PlayStation universe, the gamer is," Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment said at the event. "We believe that PlayStation 4 represents a shift from thinking of a box or console."
PlayStation 4's lead system architect Mark Cerny said that Sony started working on the console shortly after the release of the PlayStation 3, ultimately creating a console "for developers, by developers."
Updated DualShock 4 Controller
The fourth-generation console has an X86 processor, enhanced PC GPU, and 8GB high-speed unified memory. The console will also have an updated DualShock controller, with a touchpad, share button, and a headphone jack directly on the controller. A light bar on the back of the controller identifies players, and a 3D camera on the console will track the controllers connected to the console.
Games you play on the PlayStation 4 can be suspended by just pressing the power button, and then started again by tapping the power button again – right where you left off.
Digital titles can be downloaded in the background, and games can be played as they’re being downloaded, so you don’t have to wait.
One unique PlayStation 4 feature: a share button direction on the controller that lets you share gameplay with friends on-the-fly, and even allows friends to help you get through tough spots in games.

Share Like Never Before

The console has dedicated, always-on video compression, making it easy to share video clips of your gameplay on-the-fly with friends.
Can't get through a particular level? You can ask a friend on the web to virtually take over your controller and get you through. Friends can also watch you playing a game, virtually "over your shoulder," and comment on your screen — if you allow them — while you play using the share button and the consoles broadcast live functionality.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fallout: New Vegas (Xbox 360)

Oh boy, this game was a blast! There's nothing more enchanting then a what-if scenario where the civilization is brought to its knees and the Fallout franchise does it right with the believable story, compelling atmosphere, and absolute freedom to explore the remaining ruins of civilization. It was kind of awkward at first getting into the whole spaghetti-western theming, but from running it for the first time I dropped 12 hours in it before shutting the game off.

This time around, the game is set in the deserts of Nevada, with only a couple of small settlements, and rebuilt ruins of Las Vegas, still remaining. You are a courier working for Mojave Express, with an important delivery. You were ambushed by some gangsters led by Benny, a casino boss from New Vegas; they stole the package, shot you, and left you for dead in the shallow grave in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, a mysterious friendly robot, Victor, dug you up and took you to the nearest settlement. You regain consciousness in the home of Doctor Mitchell in Good springs, with a heavy amnesia, barely remembering anything, only having vague memory of what happened. Spoilers aside, while roaming the wastelands of Nevada, you encounter three fractions, Caesar's legion and autocratic laver society, the New California Republic, a federation that emphasizes pre-war, old world, values, and the enigmatic Mr. House, who's the secret leader of the city of New Vegas.

Although, at first glance, the game might seem like it should have been just an expansion pack for the Fallout 3, the mechanics in the game are greatly improved. The one that stands out the most is that aiming is not just a little zoom anymore, now you're looking down your sights when you play, and that's a major upgrade, since the majority of players I know, took the real-time approach playing the game. If you feel like taking it easy and let the numbers to the talking, there's still V.A.T.S., the Vault-Tec Advanced Targeting System, where the game pauses, and lets you spend action points on your assault, choosing weather to shoot the limbs, to disable the enemy NPC, or the weapon to gain advantage over the opponent, or just to go for the head, making quick and clean kills, if the conditions are right. This game knows it's target audience, and it's the veteran Fallout 3 players, aside from standard Slaver and Raiders, reoccurring enemy NPCs are the dreaded Chazadores, and the vicious Death Claws, now having an entire patch of the map, all for themselves, and I must admit, it was one of the best experiences in the game, taking on the challenge of completing the quests, where you're required to get into the Death Claw Valley, and plan your every move, one bad decision had an entire pack of Death Claws chase after you for some "Courier Salad". Because even the Hard game play setting in Fallout 3 was just stronger enemies, and flimsier weapons, the guys at Bethesda gave their fans the best present ever, the Hardcore difficulty, where you had to eat and sleep to survive, the ammo has weight, Stimpaks and RadAway heals you over time, making the game the closes to the nuclear-winter simulator so far, and I am looking forward to the next installment where they will refine that mechanic.

  • Fun Game play
  • Great Duration
  • Good writing
  • Replay value
  • A bit dated graphics
  • A few glitches
When compared to Fallout 3, this game is on par with it, but only because of the more polished mechanics, Fallout 3 still has a better vibe to it, it engrosses players more. This game still stands well on its own, and the apocalypse desert playground is ever so inviting, so be sure to pick this game up.

Rating:  8.5

-Peter Jovanchevic
 GameNTrade LTD.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dead Space 3 Review by GameNTrade Ltd.

Dead Space 3 (Xbox 360) Review By GameNTrade Ltd. 

The hype got the best of me, I was really looking forward for Dead Space 3, everything that they announced just got me itching for some more gory action, but in the end I did get that, but I never asked for more action. The franchise is taking the "Resident Evil 5" approach, but not as bad, where they try to appeal to a wider audience by toning down the horror, and adding generic shooting to the package.

Right off the bat, the story seems rushed to convey the weak story. I get it, after two awesome installments, there's little left to expand on the character of Isaac Clarke, and it's really noticeable that the creative teams are running dry on ideas. So, after a short prologue, the story picks up after some time has passed since Isaac and Ellie barely escaped, and looks like Isaac and her have been together, but they've broke up, and that first scene is just a sign of things to come, as far as clumsy narrative goes. Everything happens too fast and it's rushed to the point where story really looses impact. 

You're introduced to a handful of new characters, and Sergeant John Carver is really the only one who stands out. After the Earth Defense Force visits Isaac and gets him up to speed with what's going on, you're attempting to escape the Unitology, Jacob Danik with his goons, you get intercepted, but barely slip out of certain demise. Now EDF and Isaac must go to CMS Roanoke to rescue Ellie, who claims she found a clue that could lead them to the way to disable the Markers. It's then when the story takes a downhill turn, because there's an awkward love triangle between Isaac, Ellie and Robert Norton.

As bad as the story is, in my opinion, the gameplay is everything I was waiting for. After the demo, I was really psyched to see what possibilities would the new weapon crafting mechanic bring and I love it. It brings a new variety to the gameplay, where depending on your weapon build; there are various ways to dispose of the Necromorphs and other NPCs. 

The only thing that I don't like is the need to stomp on every single corpse just to get a part for later use in crafting. Another welcome addition is the dodge roll, it manages to help out the difficulty curve, and the game wastes no time throwing you into packs of Necromorphs. The only bad addition is the tacked on cover system, and the abundance of chest-high walls, which is of little or no use.

What Dead Space does best is the atmosphere. The levels are cleverly designed, some might complain that backtracking does counter favors, it actually serves it purpose of making the player feel constricted to an even tighter environment. It's a surprise to have such a good looking game this late in this console's cycle, the aesthetics are dark, gritty, and claustrophobic, and the great sound design only amplifies the feeling of dread.

Dead Space 3 does feel a bit too easy on the beginner and normal difficulty setting, and in the coop mode its best advised to play it on higher difficulty, since the abundance of ammo and parts make the game a breeze to play.

  • Great atmosphere
  • Fun action/survival gameplay
  • Fun Crafting Mechanic
  • Overall great esthetics
  • Weak story
  • Too easy on normal difficulty
I won't say that I'm disappointed, because I like the third installment in the franchise. I still get my fix of mowing down Necromorphs, puzzles, and tight corridors, and the quality and entertainment of the gameplay totally makes up for the story shortcomings; Dead Space 3 is definitely worth your time.

Rating: 8

-Peter Jovancevic,

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Gaming and Electronics retail website.

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