Saturday, June 22, 2013

Female Gamers and how much the industry loves them!

Some gamers often like to say that Female Gamers don't exist or that they don't recognize them as true hardcore gamers. The facts released by the 2013 Entertainment Software Association research shows that 45% of all gamers are women. That percentage stays pretty much the same for the “most frequent video game purchasers,” of which women represent 46%. This number is getting close to being half of the game purchases are done by women gamers.
This is great and should be remembered that video games play a large role in the lives of everyone today. We love our consoles and enjoy the new releases. The upcoming Next-gen consoles Xbox one Vs. PS4 is a much debated console and will truly show where the loyalty lies among gamers. During the E3 Conference there was many types of gamers there that was enjoying the new upcoming releases.
This is just to give you an idea that there are many types of gamers that enjoy playing the games as much as everyone else. The full report can be found here courtesy of The Entertainment Software Association.
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Xbox One may be dropping the Kinect requirement Bombshell

Would this requirement change the way people are viewing the Xbox One and be happy with it, here is the tweets that highlighted this change and cause a major stir in the online gaming world.

This comes after much scrutiny regarding privacy concerns within Microsoft and the NSA privacy scandal. Concerns that led to bill proposals in the United States (the "We are watching you" act). This concern was thanks to an "always on, always sending data" feature said to be required from the Kinect sensor in relation to the Xbox One. The rumor of its removal came from Jonathan Liedtke, an editor for UWindosor Lance.

BREAKING: @Xbox media relations confirms to me via email that #kinect sensor IS NOT required for #XboxOne. #privacy #drm #prism #microsoft"
He than followed up with this bomb shell:
".@Xbox confirms NO #XboxOne price drop due to NO kinect requirement. #XboxOne is "competitively priced" & xbox is "confident with the value."

Could this mean more people will go back to the Xbox One over the PS4? Only time will tell as the war between these two consoles continues. We will have more as it comes out. keep on gaming.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hyperkin RetroN 5 Video Gaming System, Charcoal


Have you ever wanted an all in one system that plays all your favorite retro and classic video games. I will admit it is not the same as having the old console to play the games, but if you want to keep your old console in excellent unused shape this could be the system for you! It may not be the best design or look the best but it does the job.
One of the recent inspections of the RetroN 5 was carried out by engadget. Their keen-eyed reporter happened to notice the occasional pop-up appearing above the console's menu system, ones belonging to that of the Android operating system.
This, however, is a good thing. Instead of attempting to perfect each of the promised systems into a single chip (think back to the poor sound playback on that of Mega Drive clones), the inclusion of Android will mean that the system will not only be running on more authentic emulation overall, but it will also allow up-scaling to modern displays and system updates.
Retroware TV were also in attendance of E3 and took some time to record this new hardware in action. There are some downfalls to an all in one sytem but it functions outstanding. I recommend checking this sytem out. The price is very reasonable and cheap, we are going to get a few of these for the website soon.

-Chris Taylor
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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Call of Duty: Ghosts Let you play as the dog

t's official, your canine companion won't just be another AI squadmate.
There are many things in the new Call of Duty that Infinity Ward would like you to be excited about, but the one getting all of the internet's attention is the now-famous military service dog in your squad. It seems we can stop wondering about what role the little guy will play in the game's campaign - a pre-E3 sneak peak at the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Ghosts has revealed the dog to be a playable character in certain missions.

Hopefully it's obvious that you won't be strapping an M4 to the hound and sending him off to crouch behind chest-high walls, so the dog sections will involve a shift in gameplay. In real life, the military uses highly-trained dogs in the field as remote reconnaissance, and that's pretty much what you'll be doing in Ghosts. A mounted camera lets soldiers see what the dog sees via a handheld viewfinder, and an earpiece allows the team to give orders from afar. Stealthy situations will call for a more subtle method of instruction, so small vibrations on the dog's collar let teams direct him silently. It seems a little hard to believe, but Infinity Ward says they've done their homework and this is how actual Navy SEAL teams operate with service dogs.

Of course, this is a game, and it's more fun to actually be the dog than it is to hope the animal correctly interprets your commands. In Ghosts, you'll control your canine squadmate just like any other character, attacking hostile soldiers with vicious lunges for the throat. We're talking about man's best friend though, so the dog will also work together with his bipedal squadmates to distract enemies by barking, luring them into your sniper's crosshairs.

It sounds like the dog portions of the game won't be too different from previous games' drone or helicopter segments. There's no word on whether you'll be able to directly control a dog in multiplayer, but if so, I'd gladly trade my grenades for a tactical T-bone steak as a counter.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Microsoft Announces Fable Anniversary

Microsoft Confirmed that the new game from Lionhead Studios, teased earlier todday will be the Fable Anniversary an HD remake of the orginial Fable for Xbox 360. Now this edition will include The Lost Chapters, added Achievements, Smartglass integration, leaderboards, new UI, and full 1080 p HD Update.
The release was confirmed earlier today during a podcast, the box art was also included. Some of the other features that will be released area new lighting system that uses Unreal 3 to render the lighting, a new facial system, new cutscenes, plus updates to the overall graphics of the games.
Ted Timmins the lead designer of the new games calls it "the game that Fable fans have been demanding for years" The new Achievements are said to be trying something a little different. "Fable has always been about choice and consequence, so we are trying to put that into the achievements"
Fable Anniversary is slated for a 2013 Holiday Release on the Xbox 360 Only. They revealed that Microsoft intends to support the 360 into the oncoming release of the Xbox one. Enjoy!
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Emma Watson This is the End Video Clip


Lionhead Launches New Fable Forums Ahead of E3

Lionhead has launched a new Fable Forums on it's official site. According to the studio the forums are "a place to hang out with like-minded Fable fans" Could this mean that there is something coming to the Fable world? E3 is coming up soon and this could mean that there is something they plan on revealing.
The Forums are offering a medal to fans who sign up in the first two weeks. "This will distinguish you as a founding member of our forums" fans can sign-up with thier gamertag. E3 will be in exactly one week and will reveal this! We have heard many rumors at this point so hopefully more will follow next week. 
-Chris Taylor
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