Friday, June 21, 2013

Xbox One may be dropping the Kinect requirement Bombshell

Would this requirement change the way people are viewing the Xbox One and be happy with it, here is the tweets that highlighted this change and cause a major stir in the online gaming world.

This comes after much scrutiny regarding privacy concerns within Microsoft and the NSA privacy scandal. Concerns that led to bill proposals in the United States (the "We are watching you" act). This concern was thanks to an "always on, always sending data" feature said to be required from the Kinect sensor in relation to the Xbox One. The rumor of its removal came from Jonathan Liedtke, an editor for UWindosor Lance.

BREAKING: @Xbox media relations confirms to me via email that #kinect sensor IS NOT required for #XboxOne. #privacy #drm #prism #microsoft"
He than followed up with this bomb shell:
".@Xbox confirms NO #XboxOne price drop due to NO kinect requirement. #XboxOne is "competitively priced" & xbox is "confident with the value."

Could this mean more people will go back to the Xbox One over the PS4? Only time will tell as the war between these two consoles continues. We will have more as it comes out. keep on gaming.

-Chris Taylor
GameNTrade Ltd.

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