Friday, June 14, 2013

Hyperkin RetroN 5 Video Gaming System, Charcoal


Have you ever wanted an all in one system that plays all your favorite retro and classic video games. I will admit it is not the same as having the old console to play the games, but if you want to keep your old console in excellent unused shape this could be the system for you! It may not be the best design or look the best but it does the job.
One of the recent inspections of the RetroN 5 was carried out by engadget. Their keen-eyed reporter happened to notice the occasional pop-up appearing above the console's menu system, ones belonging to that of the Android operating system.
This, however, is a good thing. Instead of attempting to perfect each of the promised systems into a single chip (think back to the poor sound playback on that of Mega Drive clones), the inclusion of Android will mean that the system will not only be running on more authentic emulation overall, but it will also allow up-scaling to modern displays and system updates.
Retroware TV were also in attendance of E3 and took some time to record this new hardware in action. There are some downfalls to an all in one sytem but it functions outstanding. I recommend checking this sytem out. The price is very reasonable and cheap, we are going to get a few of these for the website soon.

-Chris Taylor
GameNTrade Ltd.

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