Saturday, June 22, 2013

Female Gamers and how much the industry loves them!

Some gamers often like to say that Female Gamers don't exist or that they don't recognize them as true hardcore gamers. The facts released by the 2013 Entertainment Software Association research shows that 45% of all gamers are women. That percentage stays pretty much the same for the “most frequent video game purchasers,” of which women represent 46%. This number is getting close to being half of the game purchases are done by women gamers.
This is great and should be remembered that video games play a large role in the lives of everyone today. We love our consoles and enjoy the new releases. The upcoming Next-gen consoles Xbox one Vs. PS4 is a much debated console and will truly show where the loyalty lies among gamers. During the E3 Conference there was many types of gamers there that was enjoying the new upcoming releases.
This is just to give you an idea that there are many types of gamers that enjoy playing the games as much as everyone else. The full report can be found here courtesy of The Entertainment Software Association.
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