Friday, February 22, 2013

Charity Event for Curt Griffin!

Welcome to the campaign for my brother Curt Griffin, he is a strong person with so much passion for life.  I should mention that Curt is my brother-in-law, but he is family not an in-law.  My name is Patricia Griffin, I joined the family some 18 years ago and I immediately gained a second family.  Curt has been like a real brother to me, helping me and my family in every way possible.  I have never been able to repay his generosity and now I find myself having to sit back and watch as he struggles to make ends meet.  I couldn’t do it……I have to do something, so here I am begging and pleading for your HELP!
Curt has just finished an 8 week round of chemo and radiation treatment, it hit him hard this time.  He is only just now able to keep solid food down and is still fighting serious fatigue and a coughing fit every time he talks.  This is his second fight with cancer, the first just two years ago.  This time it is lung cancer, a mass on a bronchial tube.  It could not be removed surgically, so once again he had to do chemo and radiation.  His lung has begun to re-inflate on its own and things seem to be feel nicely.  However my biggest fear is that the stress of all the medical bills and of being so deep in debt will have him relapsing.  He is a very strong, but very stubborn person.  It is absolutely killing his pride to have to ask for help, but I am glad he is finally letting me do something.  Sitting back and having to watch and hear the crap he is going through and not being able to do a thing about it almost made me crazy.
For me as much as I want to help this is the hardest part, with the economy as it is I don’t want to take something that another is in need of.  Like asking a local small business for a donation, I feel horrible that is something they can sell for profit to pay bills and put food on their tables.  However I have to ask for your HELP I need to show my brother, that random acts of kindness still exist in this world.  Show him that there are people out there willing to help out another in a desperate situation.  I need support for him and his family in every way; I need to know that I somehow made a difference.
I set a goal of $2,500; any help at this point will be truly a gift from above.  I need to see him smile; I need him to know that things will get better.  So please any help you can provide would be amazing.
I have also set up a benefit to be held on March 10th from 11 to 6 @ 126 Gnau Ave SW Unit A in Massillon Ohio 44646, if you cannot make a monetary contribution, please do whatever you can to pass along this information and spread the word.
*ALL FUNDS will go to Curt and his family.
Please think your hearts and make this a special event for family friend who would do it for you. Time is never on anyone's side so really this is now or never people.
Thank you for taking the time to hear my story and for your assistance in spreading this information around.
 I LOVE MY BROTHER with all my heart – Please if you have the ability HELP ME, help him!!
Patricia Griffin
Online Donations Accepted here:
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