Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Gaming and Electronics retail website.

GameNTrade Ltd.
Hello fellow gamers!
We are taking a moment to introduce our new and exciting website! We currently offer the the largest database and collection of video games out there. We have Classic & Retro games, consoles and accesories. We go all the way back to Atari so you will be sure to find what your looking for.
We are also pleased to announce that we have an extensive abililty to accept trades on our site. We boast to pay an average of 50% more than anyone else. So you will get the most for your accessories, consoles and games.
We also buy and sell tablets, cell phones, gift cards, trading cards and collectibles. We are a one of a kind site that can offer you many things.
We also give back to our community through our for a cause campaign, we raise money for organizations to give to charity. Right now we are working on raising money for a pre-school in Kent ohio. Visit the for a cause page on our site to see how gaming can help raise money for charity! We also a game reviews for new games and a few epic classics also! Thanks for your time! Check back often for updates and some blogs we will be pushing out!
Chris Taylor
GameNTrade Ltd.

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