Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Trade Prices and happy gaming customers

At we often like to tell everyone about our awesome trade values and how we are the best when it comes to used video games. Over the weekend we put our system to the test and pleased yet another customer as we offered him a large amount more than what he expected.

Yui S. of Granada Hills CA came to us with 4 games that he wanted to trade in, we took the trade as we never turn away customers. We took the trade to Gamestop to see what they would offer us. Gamestop: $14.50 we were appalled with this price and how little they were offering for high value items.

We took the same trade and offered Mr. Yui $74.50. The right choice here is a no brainer as one can see the difference. We sent his payment to him quick and easy so he did not have to wait to receive his money.

Stop by and trade video games today!

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