Saturday, March 16, 2013

Craigslist Community Saves the Day! (Orlando FL)

Craigslist Community Saves the Day! (Orlando FL)

Craigslist PULLS THROUGH IN THE CLUTCH!!! You guys are all beautiful, seriously couldn't have done it without you!

This is definately worth the read!

Through much adversity we got our 'Only Human' Ash Can Comics down to Premiere at Mega Con in Orlando, FL for the gigantic Comic book Convention.

I want to send a special 'Thank You' to Charles M. of Kissimmee FL.

Who as of 3 hours ago was a complete stranger.

Problem was The UPS truck was not going to make delivery in time for the show and we had to make alternative arrangements to get the books there. (And this was after rushing the print job and hundreds of dollars in 2nd day shipping from Ohio)

All the way back in Ohio, I posted an ad on Orlando, Craigslist at 10:45am today and within 30 minutes @ 11:11am had a phone call from Charles, who offered his assistance. As luck would have it he was willing and able to intercept the packages from UPS and drive the 30 minutes to Mega Con to meet our artist Dan Gorman at the Mega Con Loading dock to safely deliver the books.

Just wanted to say thanks for being our Savior Today Charles!! Your efforts are much appreciated and I wanted to send a big heartfelt thank you my friend!!!

We are all very appreciative of your call to action and rising up to meet the challenge!!

You might be "Only Human" but You are a true inspiration and shining example of what this book is all about!!

If you have the notion share the indiegogo campaign, sticky this as Best of Craigslist, Share it on social Media, or send it to Craig or Craigslist Joe Himself, as Craigslist Joe was my inspiration to try this out!

Thanks to all of you Craigslisters!!

- JAM - Creator Only Human Comic

Come see the great success we are creating here!

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  1. This is a great success story glad to see there still great people out there!